Your Guide to the Entertainment at the 2019 Denver Greek Festival

Your Guide to the Entertainment at the 2019 Denver Greek Festival

The 2019 Denver Greek Festival is less than two weeks away. And as you may know, entertainment is a huge component of the Denver Greek Festival whether it be cooking demos, dancing, or live music.

Here is your go-to guide for all of the entertainment at this year’s Denver Greek Festival.


Greek dancing is the pinnacle of entertainment at the Greek Festival. With three schools of dance, there are over half a dozen groups that grace the stage during the weekend. These groups showcase traditional and modern Greek dances from regions all over Greece. What’s more is that these groups are dressed in traditional Greek costumes, often reflective of the regions in Greece where their families hail from.

The three main dance groups are:

  • Hellenic Dance Academy (HDA): HDA will entertain you with a variety of traditional Greek folk dances, from the mainland to the beautiful islands. HDA’s dances resonate the passion and love of the Greek heritage and symbolize the millennia of who we are as a people. Groups include Pedakia, Asteria, Levendia, and Fotia
  • Idomeneas Cretan Dancers: The group focuses on dances from the island of Crete. The ages of the dancers in the Idomeneas Cretan Dance Group vary from six years old to adult dancers. Cretan dances are very intricate and have several variations depending on the region of Crete where the dances came from. Groups include Littles, Middle, and High School
  • Kleftes Dancers: The Kleftes keeps the tradition alive by dancing traditional dances in traditional costumes. They also dance to modern Greek music, giving a different platform of Greek Dancing and bringing their culture to the present.

When to catch performances: 

Friday & Saturday: 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm, and 8:45 pm

Sunday: 1 pm, 2:20 pm, and 4 pm

The Cathedral Choir

The Cathedral Choir is an ecclesiastical choir that sings for the Sunday Divine Liturgies and major feast days throughout the church calendar. The choir maintains a greater than 40-year-old tradition of presenting a Christmas musical program to the Denver community. At the Denver Greek Festival, you can catch the Cathedral Choir performing one concert a day throughout the weekend. Like what you hear? The recordings of the choir can be purchased from the Cathedral’s gift store: Choral Music of the Liturgical Year (1999), Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom by Theodore Bogdanos (2001), and Divine Liturgy of the Greek Orthodox Church by Steve Cardiasmenos (2005).

When to catch performances: 

Friday & Saturday at 6 pm; Sunday at 2 pm

Ethos Ellas

Brothers John and Angelo Fotopoulos have been playing Greek events for over 40 years in Chicago and the Midwest. When John moved from Chicago to Denver, he met other performers, including guitarist George Andretsos and formed Etho Ellas in 1995. The group has performed at the Denver Greek Festival for several years, playing traditional and modern Greek music, and accompanying some of the dance groups from the Hellenic Dance Academy on the main stage. Ethos Ellas will be providing the soundtrack to the Greek Festival, performing throughout over the course of the weekend.

When to catch performances:

Friday & Saturday: 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5:40 pm, 8:10 pm and 10 pm

Sunday: 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm

Cooking & Oil Demos

Cooking Demos:

Join us in the Upper Courtyard outside of the indoor boutique for live cooking demos to learn how to make your favorite Greek foods. We walk you through a selection of recipes, step by step, taking the stress out of cooking Greek food. Demonstrations will be presented all three days and are a short 30-minute session and will leave you filled with tips, hints, and samples (after all, you can’t come to a Greek home without eating something!) that are sure to get your palates ready for our festival delicacies. All of the recipes presented are published in our community cookbook, “Festival of Greek Flavors, A Mediterranean Culinary Adventure.” This book is a labor of love with authentic recipes and can be purchased at the festival.

When to watch:

Friday at 5 pm; Saturday at 1 pm and 5 pm

Oil Demos:

Hosted by one of our olive oil vendors, this demonstration will teach guests the various uses for using olive, from cooking to using it for health care and beauty. This demonstration will also include a signing from the vendor themselves.

When to watch: 

Saturday at 3 pm; Sunday at 1 pm

For more information on the entertainment offered throughout the weekend, check out our schedule.



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