Food and beverages are purchase with Coins. 1 coin = $1. Coins can be purchased at the two available Banks at the Greek Festival


Saganaki 6 Coins
Flaming, brandied Kasseri cheese.

Greek Fries 4 Coins
Greek seasoned potatoes.

Greek Wings 10 Coins
Lemon and oregano flavored chicken wings served with tzatziki. Add delicious Greek style fries if you wish.


Mezethes Plate 10 Coins
A traditional appetizer plate served with our homemade meatballs, tiropita (cheese pie), spanakopita (spinach pie), authentic Greek dips, olives, and pita.


Gyros Sandwich 7 Coins
Gyro meat served in a pita with fries, tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, and onions.

Lamb Sandwich 9 Coins
Oven roasted lamb served with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions on your choice of pita or Kaiser roll.

Greek Chicken Oreganato 9 Coins
Perfectly seasoned quarter chicken served with roasted potatoes and salad.


2012 - Spanakopita

Spanakopita 4 Coins
A combination of spinach and feta cheese layered between buttery filo.


Tiropites 4 Coins
Buttery sheets of filo filled with Greek cheeses.

2012 - Meatball

Keftedes 4 Coins
Meatballs and sauce seasoned with Greek herbs. Served with pita bread.

2012 - Dolmathes

Dolmathes 5 Coins
Grape leaves filled with seasoned ground beef and rice in an avgolemono (egg lemon) sauce. Vegetarian version available upon request.

2012 - Salad

Greek Salad 4 Coins
A tasty combination of greens, tomatoes, and cucumber sprinkled with Greek feta cheese and Kalamata olives. Topped with homemade Greek dressing.

2012 - Pasticho ans Salad

Pastitsio 5 Coins
Oven baked layers of pasta and ground beef seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg topped with a creamy béchamel sauce (Shown with Greek salad).


2012 - Galatobouriko

Galaktobouriko 4 Coins
Creamy custard baked in filo topped with honey syrup.


Koulourakia 7 Coins
A tray of traditional Greek Easter cookies.

ice cream

Ice Cream 3 Coins
A bowl of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream with baklava sprinkled on top.

Loukoumathes 4 Coins or 6 Coins
Greek honey balls deep fried to perfection, dipped in honey syrup, and topped with nuts.


Assorted Dessert Packages 15 Coins
A great combination of various pastries to take home. Ask for our gluten-free offering, priced at 10 coins.

2012 - Coffee_0

Kourambiethes 1 Coin
Greek wedding butter cookies. Ask for our gluten-free offering priced at 3 Coins.


Baklava 4 Coins
Walnuts seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg layered between filo sheets and topped with honey syrup.


Paximadia 7 Coins
A tray of Greek biscotti, perfect for dunking in coffee.


Fresh Watermelon Slice 1 Coin
A slice of freshly sliced watermelon.


Domestic Beer 5 Coins
Bud and Bud Light.

Imported Greek Beer 6 Coins
Enjoy a true lager made with only the finest barley and hops.

Ouzo 5 Coins
Ouzo (ούζο) is an anise-flavored liqueur that is widely consumed in Greece.

Imported Greek Wines – Glass 7 Coins
Glass of delicious red or white wine.

Imported Greek Wines – Bottle 23 Coins
Bottle of delicous red or white wine.

Greek Coffee 3 Coins
Small cup of expertly brewed Greek coffee, You can order it sketto (no sugar), metreo (medium sugar) or glyko (sweet) and add milk if you like.

Coffee 1 Coins
Fresh brewed coffee.

Frappe 4 Coins
A Frappé is a foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee with sugar added to taste.

Bottled Soft Drink 2 Coins
Various Coca-Cola products.

Flavored Iced Tea 3 Coins
Various flavors of Xing iced tea.


Bottled Water 2 Coins
Refreshing Dasani bottled water.

Shock Top - Bel White small

Domestic Craft Beer 7 Coins
Enjoy Shock Top a traditional Belgian-Style wheat ale.