Each year, the Denver Greek Festival highlights the Greek love of song and dance. Below is a list of this year’s dance entertainment and live music performers. A full schedule of the weekends performances can be found here.


One ministry of our church is our Hellenic Dance Academy (HDA). HDA will entertain you with a variety of traditional Greek folk dances, from the mainland to the beautiful islands. HDA’s dances resonate the passion and love of the Greek heritage and symbolize the millennia of who we are as a people. The dances performed will transport you back in time to Ancient Greece, then bring you closer to modern day society by reflecting our liberation from the Ottoman Empire in 1821 and the celebratory dances that followed.


The Idomeneas Cretan Dance Group has been dancing at the Greek Festival in Denver for over a decade. They are part of the church dance ministry and belong to an independent philanthropic association called the Pancretan Association of America. The group focuses on dances from the island of Crete. The ages of the dancers in the Idomeneas Cretan Dance Group vary from six years old to adult dancers. Cretan dances are very intricate and have several variations depending on the region of Crete where the dances came from. Outside of the church events, the Idomeneas Cretan dancers participate in school assemblies and other Greek festivals in the Rocky Mountain region.


The Kleftes Dancers have been around since 2006 and is the only Adult Greek Dance Group in Colorado. The word Kleftes “Klepht” means “thief” They were descendants of Greeks who retreated into the mountains during the 15th century in order to avoid the Ottoman rule. They carried on a continuous war against the Ottoman rule and remained active as brigands until the 19th century.  The Kleftes Dancers perform year long and travel all around Colorado and it’s surrounding states including Casper Wyoming and Nebraska. The Kleftes keeps tradition alive by dancing traditional dances in traditional costume’s. They also dance to Modern Greek music giving a different platform of Greek Dancing and bringing their culture to the present. The Kleftes Dancers are part of the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in an Adult Dance Ministry. When Kleftes started, they were a group of five and now have grown to a group of twenty-three dancers.


The Cathedral Choir is an ecclesiastical choir that sings for the Sunday Divine Liturgies and major feast days throughout the church calendar. The choir maintains a greater than 40-year-old tradition of presenting a Christmas musical program to the Denver community. This annual program has expanded to include the Angel Choir (preschool and grade school), St. Cyril Junior Choir (middle school and high school), the Bell Choir, and the Greek School. After Christmas, the choir adds a wide variety of music to their program and travels throughout the United States to promote fellowship and showcase the talent of our Greek-American composers.

The recordings of the choir can be purchased from the Cathedral’s gift store:

  • Choral Music of the Liturgical Year (1999)
  • Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom by Theodore Bogdanos (2001)
  • Divine Liturgy of the Greek Orthodox Church by Steve Cardiasmenos (2005)


Etho Ellas – Brothers John and Angelo Fotopoulos have been playing Greek events for over 40 years in Chicago and the Midwest. When John moved from Chicago to Denver, he met other performers, including guitarist George Andretsos and formed Etho Ellas in 1995. Currently, the band is comprised of up to four musicians and two vocalists. John Fotopoulos is on bouzouki; Angelo Fotopoulos on keyboards; George Andretsos on guitar and Takis Kokotas on vocals. The group has performed at the Denver Greek Festival for several years, playing traditional and modern Greek music, and accompanying some of the dance groups from the Hellenic Dance Academy on the main stage.


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