7 Pastries That You Must Try at the Denver Greek Festival

7 Pastries That You Must Try at the Denver Greek Festival

While the Denver Greek Festival is filled with its fair share of savory food, don’t forget to leave room for dessert! Greeks are known for some of the most decadent (and labor intensive!) desserts out there. Lucky for you, we are serving up a number of the most popular desserts by demand at this year’s Denver Greek Festival.

Here are seven desserts that you must sample during your visit.


Probably the most well-known Greek dessert, this pastry is a creamy custard baked in filo topped with honey syrup.



Traditionally a Greek Easter cookie, koulourakia makes a great accompaniment to a cup of Greek coffee. Fun fact: each family has its own variation, so no two will taste the same!



Described as “Greek donuts”, loukoumathes are balls of dough deep fried to perfection, dipped in honey syrup, and topped with nuts. In Greece, you even see these covered in chocolate and in a variety of shapes.



A fan favorite for a number of reasons, kourambiethes are Greek wedding butter cookies topped with powdered sugar. Beware, it takes a seasoned expert to eat these without making a mess!



The most commonly known among the Greek desserts, baklava is a layered dessert made with walnuts seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg layered between filo sheets and topped with honey syrup. One bite of this, and you’ll be hooked!



Similar to an Italian biscotti, paximadia are crispy cookies perfect for dunking in your Greek coffee. The secret ingredient to making them so tasty? Anise.



Thiples is a deep fried pastry dough drizzled with locally sourced Colorado honey. The dough can be shaped and designed in a variety of ways.

Can’t make up your mind? No worries, just pick up an assorted dessert package to sample them all, share with friends, or take home. Look for the pastries in the kafenio or zaharoplastio at the Denver Greek Festival.

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