7 Greek Phrases to Use at the Denver Greek Festival

7 Greek Phrases to Use at the Denver Greek Festival

While the Denver Greek Festival gives you the opportunity to eat, drink and dance like a Greek, we’re going to give you some phrases to use so you too can speak like a Greek!

1. Yasou (YAH-sue)

This is the universal Greek phrase when you want to say “hello” or “goodbye” to someone.

2. Efharisto (eff-ha-rees-TOH) / Parakalo (pah-rah-kah-LOH)

You can use “efkharisto” at the vendor and food booths to say “thank you” for your purchases. You can use “parakalo” one to say “please” or “you’re welcome.” “Can I have a gyro parakalo?”

3. Ne (neh) / Ohi (OH-hee)

When you want to say yes, use “ne.” When you want to say no, use “ohi.” Do you want more loukoumades? Ne. Do you want to sit out in the 95 degree heat? Ohi.

4. Kalispera (kahlees-PEH-rah) / Kalinikta (kah-lee-NEEK-tah)

“Kalispera” is used to say “good afternoon.” If you are headed to the festival after getting off work on Friday, this would be the perfect time to use this phrase. If you are coming later at night for the taverna shows, use “kalinikta,” which means “goodnight.”

5. Yamas (yah-mas)

When you’re taking a shot of ouzo with your friends you can say “yamas,” as a cheers.

6. Opa

You can’t come to the Denver Greek Festival without using the word “opa.” Opa is a Greek expression used during celebrations, such as weddings and dancing. Cheer on our dancers by yelling “opa” while they perform.  It actually means togetherness (Omonia), faith (Pisti) and love (Agape).

7. Signomi (seegh-NO-mee)

You’re going to need this phrase to maneuver through the festival as it gets more crowded in the evenings. “Signomi” can be used to say “excuse me” or “sorry.”

Come and try our your Greek!  Visit our Greek vendors, performers, and guests at the Denver Greek Festival.

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