67 Thoughts Everyone has at the Denver Greek Festival

67 Thoughts Everyone has at the Denver Greek Festival

  1. Ok, I see the Big Gold Dome so I must be close.
  2. I think this is the right street to turn on?
  3. Crap, there are cars lined up and down the street…
  4. Where am I going to park?
  5. Let me try to park in the Natural Grocers lot and pray that I don’t get towed.
  6. Is that a spot?!
  7. YES! It’s my lucky day.
  8. Car is locked, on my way to the entrance.
  9. Gotta find my cash for admission.
  10. Ah, a $5 bill. Perfect.
  11. Why, yes I am over 21 years old and will be partaking in the bar.
  12. Let’s grab a booklet so I know where I’m going.
  13. Cash. I need cash.
  14. Where is the bank? Do they have an ATM?
  15. No ATM, but the bank.
  16. I think I have some more cash on me…
  17. $20 should do it.
  18. Got my cash, let’s go.
  19. First, the bar.
  20. God, SO MANY PEOPLE.
  21. Ouzo? Don’t mind if I do.
  22. I’m kinda hungry.
  23. What sounds good?
  24. Duh, a gyro.
  25. Oh god, is that the line?!
  26. I guess I’ll wait.
  27. Ok, finally at the front.
  28. One gyro, no onions, please.
  29. Get in my belly.
  30. What time is it? I wonder if there is any dancing.
  31. Ah yes, there is.
  32. Stage, here I come!
  33. Let’s try to find a good spot in the shade so I don’t get sunburnt.
  34. Ok perfect, front and center.
  35. These kids are so good.
  36. How did they learn how to do this?!
  37. I’m officially impressed.
  38. I want to learn how to do this.
  39. What’s next?
  40. A church tour? Why not.
  41. Praise, there is air conditioning.
  42. Let me just sit in here for a minute…
  43. All I want to do is stare at the ceiling.
  44. It’s so beautiful. The people who go to church here are so lucky.
  45. Where next?
  46. I’m feeling some shopping.
  47. Maybe I’ll find something for my house.
  48. Everyone seems to be going in here.
  49. Wait, what are they demoing? It smells delicious.
  50. Yes, I’ll take a sample.
  51. On to the boutique.
  52. I love all this stuff. I want it all.
  53. This painting is gorgeous. I need it in my house.
  54. I wonder how much it is…
  55. $80? Not bad at all.
  56. I think I’ll go for it.
  57. Can’t wait to hang this in my house.
  58. Time for dessert.
  59. What are “loukoumades”?
  60. They sound right up my alley.
  61. Let’s try them.
  62. Why have I not had these before?!
  63. Can I make these at home?
  64. I’m so full.
  65. And hot.
  66. And I think it’s time to go home.
  67. But I’m definitely coming back next year.

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