Eat, Drink, and Dance Like a Greek at the 53rd Annual Denver Greek Festival

Eat, Drink, and Dance Like a Greek at the 53rd Annual Denver Greek Festival

The 53rd annual Denver Greek Festival is returning this year on June 15, 16, and 17. The Denver Greek Festival is one of the oldest cultural festivals in Colorado with over 25,000 people in attendance.

Taste over 25 authentic Greek dishes while taking in the sounds of live Greek music and traditional Greek dances. Watch live cooking demos of popular Greek dishes to learn how to cook them yourself; shop at our boutiques filled with authentic jewelry, art, clothing and more, directly from Greece. And, explore the church with mesmerizing tours featuring rich Greek Orthodox history and traditional Byzantine art.

The Greek community has been a staple of Denver since the first immigrants arrived in the late 1800s. For over 100 years, the Greek community has been passionate about sharing its faith, culture, and heritage with the Denver community. The spirit and pride of the Greek community in Denver have impacted the diversity of the city and facilitated the start of the annual Denver Greek Festival.

The Denver Greek Festival is and always has been a community event. Filled with a rich history of community involvement with the first Greek Bazaar taking place in 1963 as a fundraiser for the church, selling handcrafted items, canned Greek food items, and homemade Greek pastries and bread. The Greek Bazaar transitioned to the Greek Market Place in 1973, an event that was envisioned to be an outdoor summer event, inspired by the annual Santa Fe festivals.

Thanks to large investments made by members of the Greek community, the Greek Market Place was a success. The new event featured Greek food, culture, entertainment, and jewelry made in Greece. The event rapidly attracted a large summer crowd and expanded to 29 booths, each featuring different Greek foods, pastries, spirits, Greek coffee, and goods. The Greek Market Place entertained the growing crowds with children from the community dancing traditional Greek dances in traditional costumes, and musicians playing Greek instruments such as the bouzouki and lyra. In 1988, the Greek Market Place was renamed the Denver Greek Festival.

Today, the Denver Greek Festival continues to be a huge success as the premier cultural summer event and respectfully gives back to the Denver community that helped make past church events successful. The Denver Greek Festival donates funds to many community organizations each year, including The Gathering Place, Denver Health, and Bonfils Blood Bank. The Greek community is proud to share its Greek culture, faith, foods, traditional drinks, dances, handicrafts and kefi (spirit) with all who join us. Come eat, drink and dance like a Greek, immersing yourself in Greek culture.

The Denver Greek Festival will be held at the Assumption of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Denver.

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